June 22 - July 2, 2018             

Camp Eagle's Cliff is always on the lookout for a few good men: highly qualified high school and college students ready to serve others with their leadership and Christian testimony. Camp Counselors need a particular skill set: communication, leadership, teamwork, organization, and above all, a solid and active faith.


For guys either under 18 or unfamiliar with Camp Eagle's Cliff, there's a one to

two year training course called the

Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program. 

Being a counselor requires sacrifice and

discipline, but I guarantee it will be the best two weeks of your summer. Do you have what it takes? Contact me!


Over the past decade we've had so many generous benefactors that love to see the great thing were doing here. These are a couple of the immediate development projects we're trying to raise funding for: so we made donating easy - thanks for your generosity!

Lifeguard's 1st Aid board


The future of Eagle's Cliff:

It's in your hands!

48'' Brick Pizza oven + grill: Done!

thank you Jesse & Mario for the grill and pizza oven!

James Teed


Will Jude

camp director

Fr Kermit Syren LC

chaplain - camp founder

So you want to be a counselor... 

Meet the camp staff!

Beth LaPointe

business manager

Please note our Safe Environment Policy at the bottom of the Register page concerning staff & volunteer requirements.

Pavillion 70' x 22' Done!

Thanks Lou & Henry for the centerpiece of the whole camp!


Tony Yagovane

head cook

Outdoor shower fixtures