June 22 - July 2, 2018             

snail-mail to:

James Teed (Camp Administrator)

54 Colby Rd, Quincy, MA, 02171

*please make checks payable to Camp Eagle's Cliff

Questions? Need Help?

Option A: online

  1. Print, fill out, then mail or email  waiver form.
  2. Print, fill out, then mail or email  health form.
  3. Print, fill out, then mail or email  registration form.

Step 2: payment

Step 1: paperwork

Cost per boy: $675

  • There is a reduced fee for second boy of the same family: $525
  • There is a partial scholarship option available for those in need, who have already contacted camp administration. If you believe you qualify, please state your case by a message in the comment box on left.


e-mail to:

Camp Participant
Family Name


Make check payable to:

Camp Eagle's Cliff

Option B: by mail

Safe Environment

Is it your first time coming to Eagle's Cliff? Give us a ring at 603 581 5969 if you have any questions!

then Mail to:

James Teed (Camp Administrator)

54 Colby Rd, Quincy, MA, 02171

Dads are invited to come and help as volunteers!

     At the same time, all adults (18 and older) on the grounds while camp is in session are required to:

​      (U.S. Residents)

      (Canadian residents) 

  • 1. Provide proof of their Safe Environment certification: either from their home diocese or you may register and do the online Virtus Course, selecting "Legion of Christ" as your organization.
  • 2. Contact your local RCMP department for government issued background check or police clearance letter.
  • 3. ​Fill out and ​send or bring with you: the volunteer agreement form, and the safe environment form.