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What to Bring to Camp

Remember: Warm Days. Cool Nights.
Pair of khakis and button down for mass

Laundry Bag

Heavy Sweater and/or Jacket
Raincoat or Poncho
Personal Toilet Articles
Waterproof footwear
T-Shirts/Jerseys (10)
Sneakers/Shoes (2 prs.)
Shorts (4)
Towels (for swimming & showers)
Sweat Pants
Flip Flops
Bathing suits (2)
Warm Pajamas
Sleeping Bag (or 3-4 heavy blankets and 3 sheets)
Pillow and 2 Pillow Cases
Stamped, self-addressed envelopes
Sunscreen/Bug Spray

What NOT to Bring to Camp

Please do not send your children to camp with money, expensive clothes or equipment (i.e. tennis rackets, iPods, radios, jewelry, cameras, portable chairs, mini refrigerators, DVD players, laptops etc).

Please keep sports equipment at home. All sports equipment during your child’s stay is provided by the camp.

Due to insurance restrictions, animals, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and barber clippers WILL NOT be allowed in camp.

Cell phones will be turned in upon arrival and stored securely by camp staff until check out day.

Drugs, alcohol and weapons are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from camp.