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About Camp Eagle's Cliff

The Catholic Boys' Adventure Camp

Established in 2002 by Father Syrian Kermit, along with faith-filled fathers and generous benefactors, Camp Eagles Cliff was conceived as a boys-only summer camp seeking to reinforce Jesus’s teachings on the shores of Lake Waukewan in the Lake region of New Hampshire. Motivated by this challenge, they embarked on a mission to create an engaging Catholic summer camp tailored specifically for boys. Rooted in Eucharistic-centered worship and evangelization, the camp maintains a commitment to orthodox teachings aligned with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the guidance of the Magisterium. Additionally, campers benefit from meaningful interactions with clergy and religious figures. Amidst a backdrop of traditional camp activities such as lake swimming, sports, and hiking during the daytime, Camp Eagles Cliff provides a dynamic platform for spiritual growth and communal bonding exclusively for boys.

Non for Profit

Dedicated exclusively to inspiring and shaping young Catholic men into disciples of Jesus Christ, Camp Eagles Cliff is a designated non-profit organization incorporated in the State of New Hampshire?. Committed to upholding the teachings of the Catholic Catechism and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, Camp Eagles Cliff is focused on nurturing the spiritual growth and development of its participants.

Our Mission

The Eagle’s Cliff legacy is about Conquest.

All men, big and small, are called to be conquerors, and Christian men ready to fight the good fight are going to turn this culture around.

That said, here's how we see our mission:

An athletics coach forms an adolescent into the best athlete he can be; But life’s more than sports; so who’s going to assist that same adolescent to become the best Catholic young man he can be?

When it comes to showing young men what’s life lived to the max, our society decides what that looks like, and there’s precious few out there who do anything about it…

Here’s where Conquest stands apart.

While a sports coach answers the question: “how can I improve my swing?”, our outstanding Conquest mentors compliment family formation: they teach fundamental virtues in a fun and energetic setting, and facilitate the adolescents’ approach to the bigger questions such as “What’s a truly happy life?” and “How can I know what God expects of me?”

Besides all the great fun and friends, at the heart of all Conquest events you find real virtue formation that little by little forges a mature and manly character. And that’s because it’s at the heart of every one of our qualified lay volunteer staff.

The staff employs the unique and successful Conquest youth formation pedagogy developed by the Legionaries of Christ. That’s why Eagle’s Cliff counts on the spiritual leadership of Legionary priests.

Be a leader. Be a competitor. Be a disciple.