Lifeguard's 1st Aid board


The future of Eagle's Cliff:

It's in your hands!

Will Jude

camp director

Fr Kermit Syren LC

chaplain - camp founder

So you want to be a counselor... 

Meet the camp staff!

Outdoor shower fixtures


Camp Eagle's Cliff is always on the lookout for a few good men: highly qualified high school and college students ready to serve others with their leadership and Christian testimony. Camp Counselors need a particular skill set: communication, leadership, teamwork, organization, and above all, a solid and active faith.


Over the past decade we've had so many generous benefactors that love to see the great thing were doing here. These are a couple of the immediate development projects we're trying to raise funding for: so we made donating easy - thanks for your generosity!

June 21 - July 1, 2019            

Beth LaPointe

business manager

Pavillion 70' x 22' Done!

Thanks Lou & Henry for the centerpiece of the whole camp!

Please note our Safe Environment Policy at the bottom of the Register page concerning staff & volunteer requirements.

James Teed


For guys either under 18 or unfamiliar with Camp Eagle's Cliff, there's a one to

two year training course called the

Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program. 

Being a counselor requires sacrifice and

discipline, but I guarantee it will be the best two weeks of your summer. Do you have what it takes? Contact me!


48'' Brick Pizza oven + grill: Done!

thank you Jesse & Mario for the grill and pizza oven!

Tony Yagovane

head cook